In their search to get industrial work, we strive to support migrant laborers. During the recent COVID Lockdown across the globe, a lot of these workers lost their jobs. Since they were working on a regular basis, they were forced out of the manufacturing areas. The industries get an attractive & easy-to-use portal using our Webapp-Karya, which can be used to get the information of the laborers around them, such as their name, skills, phone number, and pin code.

What it does

There are two modules major given blow

  1. Calling Service for Laborers: This easy-to-use free internet service allows them to tell us that they need a job. The talent he/she lists is also used to shortlist the right work applicant for him/her.
  2. Industrial Managers Portal: The specific type of worker needed can be requested by industrial managers. The application is processed on our back-end and allows us to shortlist the right applicant for the job. In the customized platform, a list of appropriate applicants with their information is displayed, which can allow recruiters to approve or reject the applicant after an interaction.

How we built it

Technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript have been used for our Webapp. We incorporated Tableau into our Webapp for our visualization as well. We then used the Service Dialogflow of Google Cloud to create a telephone-based service for the laborers. The data fed into the telephone by the laborers is stored on our MongoDB database. Data and specifications for the business are also stored in the database using Node.js. The server is also used, according to ability & place, to further retrieve the applicants, using our REST APIs, which are considered appropriate for the job.

Challenges we ran into

Since these people have no access to a smartphone and Internet, we come up with an intuitive way to get data from staff without using the internet. The MongoDB database is interconnected with the Google Cloud service.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We transitioned to telecommunications networks via an entire recruitment system. A Creative Way to Employ Labor. The entire DialogFlow database is interconnected with our own MongoDB database. Our own REST APIs have been created.

What we learned

Working with different technologies & Multiple Platforms Integration to build a Creative Framework.

What's next for Karya - The most simplified labour hiring platform

Expansion into many domains, such as farming, where Internet connectivity may not be accessible to the user. It can be used for different non-business tasks involving employees without a smartphone.

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