There are many simple applications for storing cards, but each time we missed something or vice versa, there was something extra. Somewhere there was no possibility to customize the interface, somewhere registration or GPS permission is forced. There were too many ads elsewhere. That's why we said we would make the application according to us. Most importantly, we want to create an app that is a personalized shopping assistant, not just a card storage tool.

What it does

The application allows users to get rid of plastic loyalty cards. It also eliminates the need to use paper flyers, promo ads and coupons, thus saving nature and being eco-friendly. In addition to loyalty cards, users can also store QR codes, shopping blocks, tickets and other documents in their digital wallet. They can monitor the status of their shipment. The application is a fully digital shopping assistant, it is not just an ordinary storage for loyalty cards.

How we built it

The application was primarily created for iOS, then for Android, which lagged behind. That's why we decided to unify the technology (to use Flutter) and make a major redesign so that both platforms. We have been developing for less than two years. Flutter and it's Huawei plugins allowed us to adapt this app for Huawei ecosystem very fast and effective.

What's next for Karty

We have a lot of plans. We are prioritizing redesign and the transition to new technology. We would like to help the affected situation in the current situation, so we are currently completing the options associated with loyalty programs and coupons. We believe that they should help create, maintain or strengthen customer loyalty even in the unpleasant circumstances around us. Next in line is the extension of applications to store documents other than just loyalty cards and the addition of the ability to track shipments.

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