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What it does

How we built it

We are using IBM Bluemix/NodeRed and noSql database for storing customer information.

We are using FIWARE to store Cars and their properties (location, battery status….) In the car side we are using raspberry pi dev kit. NodeRed and skyhooks libraries libraries. Apache Karaf. The signals from the raspberry pi are sent as rest apis to fiware.

APIs we used

On boarding API (TMForum) -Creation of a new customer after registration Trouble ticket API (TMForum)

  • Not yet working Fiware NGSI
  • Storing Car data and making it available in the ecosystem

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Hackathons are fun - but we already knew that

What's next for Karmalectric

Hypothesis to be validated: -Do users of electric cars use this kind of services? -What are the drivers/barriers for users to use this service? -Are the modification to the car feasible (e.g. warrenty, safety, etc.)

Do research on incentives

Built With

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