The first iteration of this project was created at MakeHacks sponsored by MakeSchool Academy just last month. We all arrived separately to this hackathon event with no idea that we would end up being on the same team. MakeHacks prioritized giving attendees a chance to form a team and pitch ideas.

One idea we recognized was that although the market is saturated with many to-do list applications, none of them offer any real incentive to achieve personal and work-related goals on a consistent scale. There are good ways of keeping an individual productive, but these existing to-do lists provide little to no motivation.

None of them have a set platform that can keep you accountable for your check list. The prospect of trying to solve this problem was something that we were all interested in. As a result, we came together and our team was formed.

We wanted to develop a simple, effective incentivisation model that can keep people motivated to stay on task, enhance the user's understanding of how well he/she works, better estimate how long it takes to finish time-sensitive tasks or business-related duties, donate to charities in need, and simply increase daily efficiency.

How does it work

Work for your money!

  1. Put your credit card information down.
  2. Complete tasks before your set deadlines.
  3. Tasks can be set to finished by tapping the task.
  4. If a task is finished late, money will be charged on your credit card.

How we built it

  • Programmed in Xcode (Swift 2.0)
  • Sketch for the UI design.

Challenges we ran into

Time management and keeping efficiency strong while being sleep deprived! :)

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are finding new ways of donating funds to charities! The money transferred from your account and the charities who receive these funds will be completely of your choice. As the user, you have the power.

What we all learned

Save one team member, we barely knew how to use Swift and Xcode. We managed to move past that, learned the basic and fundamental concepts of using Swift, and developed a working beta version for the live demos during the judging portion of the hackathon.

What's next for KarmaDo

With more time, we'll also be able to alter our front-end. We hope to continue to improve the UI and make it more intuitive to use. When we implement the Stripe API for adding the user's credit card and account information, things will become more complex. However, we are excited to fix those issues and to add more features to improve user experience.

  • Being able to share your progress by tweeting a recent donation such as "Victoria forgot to do her laundry this morning. Just donated $5 to the Redcross Association Woop woop!"
  • Your friends can also hold you accountable for your tasks and deadlines, you can connect with fellow KarmaDoers and chat with them. They can remind you to do that errand or pick up your mail or head to that meeting soon.

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