karmadata is a collaborative information service.  We are creating a new platform for consumers of information to create and share data, visualizations, and knowledge on the web.  We believe in individual users, not corporate subscriptions.  We believe in the wisdom of the many, not top-down information regurgitation.  We believe that people are inherently good, that they enjoy sharing, and that they are equally eager as teacher and student.  In short, we believe that if given the right tools and access to enough information, our users can solve any problem.

We intend to aggregate 100% of all publicly available databases, across any industry or economic sector, and make them available to our users at www.karmadata.com.  We provide the tools to search, aggregate, and manipulate the data, and our users will create all of the data visualizations (charts, maps, etc..), lists, profiles, and analysis by selecting filters that are important/relevant to them.  Our users will have the ability to find like minded individuals and band together into social networks (we envision this happening by industry, sector, geography, job function and the like) to create and share information from our databases and solve problems as a community.   One of the largest repositories of public data resides at the National Library of Medicine.  Our submission showcases the use of a few of those datasets (medline/pubmed, clinicaltrials.gov, MeSH, UMLS MetaThesaurus) on our platform, but is extensible to all NLM databases.  These databases are widely used by the healthcare community to answer questions.  The NLM sites do a terrific job of providing access to the data via basic search, but are not as strong at either data mining or data visualizations.  We have provided a sampling of data visualizations (charts and maps) that should give the judges an idea of how our site could help advance and accelerate the sharing of scientific knowledge from any and all NLM databases.    In order to access our site, please go to www.karmadata.com and register to log in.  The rest should be self explanatory.   Our site has not been released to the public as of yet, but will be made available to the public in accordance with the challenge.gov rules and regulations.

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