While talking about ideas to create a product for social good, we found an inefficiency in the educational system, with teachers spending time on menial tasks and having to sacrifice time they would have otherwise used to help their students.

What it does

Karma aims to reduce the pain point of teachers verifying community service hours with organizations. With our verification system, students would submit events to the organizations they volunteered at. Said organizations would then be able to verify or deny that these students attended the event, thus reducing the amount of menial work the teacher needs to do before helping their students.

How we built it

Karma was created with a React front end with Firebase hosting and authentication

Challenges we ran into

While creating Karma, we ran into many issues regarding the proper use of Firebase and hosting React scripts online. We were able to bypass these challenges by working together and piecing together the pieces of knowledge we had to create a full picture of the problem.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating Karma, we are proud to be using Firebase for the first time to host and authenticate our users. We are also proud of successfully connecting the different tech stacks that we wanted to use.

What we learned

Over the course of this project, we learned how to use Firebase authentication and hosting.

What's next for Karma

We hope to improve the UI and polish the communication between users and businesses.

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