To provide help and hope to those in need.

What it does

Foster a community of global citizens who provide assistance through micro-giving.

How we built it

Leveraged Design Thinking concepts and rapid prototyping to design a high-fidelty prototype via

  • We first wrote and analyzed the requirements
  • Create designs: Use Case, UML diagram, Scenarios, Personas,
  • Low fidelity to High fidelity prototyping
  • Began initial programming of the app

Challenges we ran into

Initially, it took us some time to narrow down the themes that we cared most about in order to select a project that was was viable within the 24 hr development cycle. Most of the members in our team had limited coding experience so we leveraged to animate the wireframe of our mobile application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really product of company name and logo as well as our prototype.

What we learned

We learned that team work is a big part of product design and development and that clear communication is extremely important to move a project forward through the various stages.

What's next for Karma Kits

Complete the build of our application across different platforms including web, IOS, Android.

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