Karma provides a platform for posting and completing different errands around campus. By leveraging the power of the already built CMU community, Karma allows different services and knowledge to be shared across campus

Let's say that you're studying hard in hunt library but you really want some coffee and a muffin from LaPrima. Using Karma you would be able to quickly post a task to the public feed and wait for someone to accept the job. When posting a new task, you would be asked to define the category and nature of what you're asking for, along with a brief description of the requested services. After the runner for your task completes the task (in this case bringing you coffee) you can then rate and accept the transaction.By rating and accepting the payment you're providing the standing for which the runners "karma" score will be defined.

We used a bootstrap website as a frameworks to start building our mobile app. The landing page is built with simple HTML CSS and Javascript. We decided that building out the technical implementation and our desired interactions seperately would make more sense for the 22 hour hackathon. We've used the several API's to verify that the individual logging into our app is from the CMU community we've used the Scottylabs API to check that they have a Carnegie Mellon email. We've also included a facebook login to make the on-boarding process seamless and easy.

Karma would be build on a native ios platform and would optimize the users experience by leveraging a few different technologies such as university provided student data (class schedule), location services, and the users social network.

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