We wanted to make a chat bot that would elevate how people communicated with each other in a kind and generous way on the live streaming chat platform for Twitch channels.

What it does

Person A can send karma to Person B using the following chat message. @A++++ for the awesome comment! KarmaBot raises A's karma by 1 as a result.

Also, B can remove karma from A. That was pretty insensitive @A--------- KarmaBot reduces A's karma by 1 as a result.

When A racks up a lot of karma, KarmaBot will congratulate A in a Twitch message that overlays the stream!

How I built it

We used TMI.js and Chat & IRC to implement the TCH_KarmaBot that listens to comments on a specific chat room. The client parses each chat message to see if the message is a karma boost message or karma shame message. It stores each user's karma. Once a user's karma exceeds a certain threshold, the client will send the user's name and karma points to a server implemented in Express.JS. The server updates its current state to that user's name and karma points and renders an HTML that contains the data. The

Challenges I ran into

JS. We had a lot of help from the Twitch organizers with the architecture! Thanks guys!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishing our first chat bot.

What I learned

How to spell OBS.

What's next for Karma Bot by The Real Team Schwifty

We aim to incorporate server-less computing and machine learning into our chat bot in order to expand on its features.

Built With

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