Wanted to make an app that physically brought people together! ... That made helping others and getting help easier.

The app targets college campus communities but could easily be expanded. This is not a social network! It is a way to ask for and perform random acts of kindness that fit in your schedule, or at least the direction you are walking in.

Make a request with Karma: Say you want a coffee, but you are sitting in the library... You click coffee, and then you add specifics about your request (ie. type of coffee) and your location and then just wait.

Right now our three categories of requests are: Food or drink Things from a store Files printed to campus printers

These are all things that college students can pick up with ease if they are at the location.

Fulfill a request on Karma: As you use the app around campus you can see a running list of people you can help based on where you are; people who want things from where you are (ie. If you walk past a coffee place on campus you will see all of the requests for coffee) You can see where these people are. You can choose which people to help based on where you are going and who is on your way.

Karma Points: Every time you help someone you receive a karma point. You cash in a karma point every time someone helps you. The points expire after a week if you don’t use them. You can't make requests without Karma points.

Campus safety:

We take user safety very seriously. We understand recent issues with sexual misconduct on college campuses. We take measures to avoid broadcasting name and location to entire campus, With Karma you can only see the names of the people making requests if you are Facebook friends with them. Also, it is really easy to block someone on the app.

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