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In Pakistan, Normally handymen search jobs by visiting different public places or sitting on roadsides of the crowded areas, so that they can be seen by people and get hired, same is the case with people who need handymen for different jobs to be done at their houses, this is a tiresome job. It happens a lot when we need a technical person and we cannot find him. In our daily life we need some expert persons to do some of our jobs, like we need labor, mechanic, sweeper, gardener, electrician etc. for some jobs, which we cannot perform. For that we have to go out and search for a person and most of the times we are unable to find a person or we waste almost full day in search of that person. This does not mean that there is no one there to do our job, there are many people looking for some one to hire him or her but in that case the problem is the same. They cannot reach people to be hired them and people cannot reach them to hire them. The problem stated is very serious as people with skills are helpless and cannot use their skills to live a life they want, to make their living standard better, to provide the facilities what their families want. Besides this the handymen are not so much educated so that they can use smartphones to get registered in the platforms, which are already working like this like Karigar.com.pk etc. It is responsibility of the Government to help those people by providing facilities so that they can easily find jobs. In last week our team “Developer MEOW“ discussed this problem when we were having some problem with the wiring at home at we could not find any electrician at that time so the discussions turned into an idea of providing both people and the workers a platform through which they can be in touch with each other.


There will be KIOSKs in different public places where our app “Karigar” will be installed, handymen will have to visit that KIOSK, put his/her Specialty, Address and Contact number and submit the form. The data will be stored in the cloud, now whenever someone needs to hire a handyman, he/she will have to visit that KIOSK or install the “Karigar” app on his/her smartphone and find a handyman in his/her nearest area. From the “Karigar” app he/she will get the contact number of that specific handyman and contact him/her. Our team has researched on Human Computer Interaction for illiterate people and designed the app in such a way that illiterate people can easily use it.


In the “Kairgar” app the stakeholders will be
➢ Handymen (People who want to work)
➢ People who need handymen

For handymen KIOSKs will be installed in public places and it will have an input system in the form of a touch screen interface. Every thing shown on the screen will be as simple as it can be and will be visual and easy in understanding. Handymen will follow the instructions given on the screen and will easily register themselves there. Handymen will provide the following information in order to register themselves.
• Name
• Phone Number
• City
• Address
There will also be a video tutorial in the same KIOSK which will help the handyman, how to get register. People who need workers Users who need workers can install the app in their smartphones and can also use KIOSKs, they will have to visit the KIOSK or use the app in the smartphone, select the city, search a handyman of their desire, contact him/her and discuss the type of job.


Some features of the project are
• Easy interface
• User friendly
• No third party involved
• Rating feature for people (people can rate workers on the basis of their work)
• A superior service provider in case of any problem at both sides


Our designing experts researched on the design to make it more visual and developed the design, following the design we have developed the app in android platform, which will be installed on the KIOSKs and will also be available on Google play store and Apple app store for free. We have used following tools while developing the app.
• Android SDK
• Web Services
• Json Parsing
• SQLite Database


As we are going to submit this app in “Government” category, so we request government to take this idea seriously and help us to install the KIOSKs in different public places and also make sure the security of those KIOSKs. Besides the government can also help us to provide NADRA API so that we can verify the data of the handyman.

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This app can be used under Governance category if government want to give opportunity to handymen of the country as well as this can be established by a private company as a startup, so it can also cover the Civic Engagement category.

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