Every needs are integrated with WhatsApp nowadays. Starting from sending messages to money we can do with a single tick. This is the inspiration that i should build something which will be accessible more easily. With the help of Twilio WhatsApp Sandbox i decided to create a WhatsApp Bot. Now , What to do in Bot ? Then I came to know about Summarization using NLP algorithm and Google Pegasus Summarization Model . So, the main goal of the idea inspired from this . Too reduce much time in a webpage for a information we have to undergo with many unnecessary information ads, etc. So Karen will make it simple with WhatsApp Bot.

What it does

We have WhatsApp Bot and Web Application in where users will provide the URL of a Blog , News or any article and you will get Summarized paragraph of that Web Page.

How we built it

WhatsApp Bot was built with the help of Twilio's WhatsApp Sandbox And Web Application were built with python's flask framework. Finally NLP Algorithm will be performed with nltk open source package.

Challenges we ran into

Challenges were quite a lot . Main challenge is that what if user provided Invalid URL to the Bot, and what should the bot replay when the link is invalid . If the user didn't gets a replay then Karen will get some bad feedback. So we made try and exception and if algorithm didn't give us correct output then Bot will tell the user that the link is Invalid.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finally I have made what i dreamt of with the help of Twilio Tool We made a WhatsApp Bot which will summarize a Web Page.

What we learned

During this Hackathon I have learned lot of things Flask framework , How API works , How the Bots Works , Natural Language Processing, How to deploy a Web Application. And finally about Git and Github.

What's next for Karen - The Summarizer Whatsapp Bot using Twilio

Next for Karen is to make many more useful features and can be accessible as a Bot in WhatsApp. I have add more features to the web Application . Also to Perform CI/CD which i tried for this hackathon but couldn't able to perform it . I will surely develop in next time.

I also wrote a blog in Google Dev Library which is under verification. Links were provided in the Try Out Section.

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