We were inspired by the article Aging Population by the United Nations and the fact that most of unable to provide care to our beloved elders due to many reasons such as work. Tammy was particularly inspired by her grandmother who has dementia and often forgot to take medication. We want to establish a sustainable platform for senior citizens to be independent and have a high life quality. Instead of focusing on the general public, we want to shift the focus to our elders and create an impactful project in a meaningful way.

What it does

It offers an ability for elders to be independent by easily making a call, scheduling an appointment, and participating in local events that are/will happen nearby without any hassle.

How we built it

It was built by Qoom using HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

We did not have a strong foundation in the front end and one of our teammates withdraw to form another group. Also, this is our first hackathon and we did not have prior experience which might be helpful for our project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we built everything from scratch under the guidance of the video lecture and workshop. Through patience and hard work, we were able to execute our dream project and project the best version of ourselves. We are also extremely proud of our initiative in creating the project and stepping out of our comfort zone.

What we learned

We learn to work under pressure and improve our time management skills. We also get a chance to experience many coding/designing software that we have never tried before. Most importantly, we learn to collaborate and utilize each member's different skills to accomplish the work.

What's next for Kare - Solutions For Elderly

We will continue to scale up the project and provide more services to assist our aging population. We are currently developing the Kare application to increase accessibility and allow more users to use the product. Our goal is to become the world's largest community for elders and one of the largest health information databases for medical providers. This is just the beginning of our project and we will continue to grow even larger. Please look forward to our project!

Connect with us

Pauline Tang: Gayvalin Sujaritchai (Tammy): and link

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