Millions of Americans don't have access to health care services and even more have to wait extremely long periods of time before they can get access to potentially life saving health services.

Several famous examples:

  • Carrie Fischer passed away after going into Cardiac Arrest on a flight with no doctor.
  • Michael Jackson passed away from cardiac arrest after suffering a fatal combination of drugs and was found by his doctor.

What do they have in common, they both passed after suffering fatal health issues with no medical assistance nearby.

What it does

  • Kare is a portable modular kiosk that enables anyone with an account to access, update and monitor their health records. Kare uses RFID cards and Bracelet as well as featuring 2FA Facial Recognition so you know your data is secure.

How I built it

  • Each care unit is designed from a raspberry pi unit, mega ardunio, RFID sensor and Hear Beat sensor. The system uses C.

Challenges I ran into

  • We ran into many issues with configuring the actual hardware (including damaging multiple sensors). We also had issues with designing the system but managed to pull through.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • It works :)

What I learned

  • The whole thing.

What's next for Kare

  • Deployment to more professional

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