Heart failure patients, especially ones with reduced ejection fraction, HFrEF, have to monitor multiple complex medicines and problems, for eg, they are started on GDMT (Guideline directed medical therapy), have to monitor multiple parameters like HR, BP, Weight, etc on a daily basis, limit salt intake to less than 2 gm per day, manage their medicines on their own, eg, they are supposed to double their diuretic dose if there is 3 pound weight gain in 3 days, sometimes even without asking / informing the physician. Quite understandably, it is very difficult to manage even for a very counscious and proactive patient. And this often leads to frequent life threatening exacerbations in these patients.

If a patient is appropriately educated and guided about day to day items, and management of their disease is primarily controlled by them, and long term survivability could increase significantly, reduce physician visits and avoid unnecessary hospital admissions for exacerbations of Heart Failure. An AI powered chat based communication platform is all that is needed by these patients to assist them in self managing their health, starting from what to eat, to when to raise alarm.

What it does

Kivi Kardio is a chat based diease monitoring app for the Heart failure patients which helps them with their day to day questions, and raises alarms to both patient and providers as and when needed. For eg, a patient can ask about the salt content in common food items, app can detect when wight gain is >3 pounds over 3 days and informs provider and patient, at the same time, asking patient to increase dose of diuretic as suggested. Integrations with api enabled Smart watches, digital Blood pressure devices, and weighing scales, for tracking, HR, BP, weight and possibly EKGs.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Ease of use of chat platform by the patient

What's next for Kardio

Market launch and further growth through synergistic partnerships

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