We are all a fan of Carrot, the app that rewards you for walking around. This gamification and point system of Carrot really contributed to its success. Carrot targeted the sedentary and unhealthy lives we were leading and tried to fix that. So why can't we fix our habit of polluting and creating greenhouse footprints using the same method? That's where Karbon comes in!

What it does

Karbon gamifies how much you can reduce your CO₂ emissions by in a day. The more you reduce your carbon footprint, the more points you can earn. Users can then redeem these points at Eco-Friendly partners to either get discounts or buy items completely for free.

How we built it

The app is created using Swift and Swift UI for the user interface. We also used HTML, CSS and Javascript to make a web app that shows the information as well.

Challenges we ran into

Initially, when coming up with the idea and the economy of the app, we had difficulty modelling how points would be distributed by activity. Additionally, coming up with methods to track CO₂ emissions conveniently became an integral challenge to ensure a clean and effective user interface. As for technicalities, cleaning up the UI was a big issue as a lot of our time went into creating the app as we did not have much experience with the language.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Displaying the data using graphs Implementing animated graphs

What we learned

  • Using animation in Swift
  • Making Swift apps
  • Making dynamic lists
  • Debugging unexpected bugs

What's next for Karbon

A fully functional Web app along with proper back and forth integration with the app.

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