There aren't much software projects that generate backing tracks for musical instruments. Only for vocalists. We hope to change that!

What it does

This is a karaoke generator, for instruments ( Vocals also, don't worry ). I play piano, I love a song and want to play the piano alongside it. I can use this software to generate a version of the song that doesn't have piano!! How cool is that?

This would be revolutionary for generating backing tracks!

How I built it

We used spleeter to generate 5 stems through pretrained Machine Learning Models: namely Vocals, Piano, Bass , Drums and other accompaniment. Then we combined 4 of these stems to generate a wav that has one of these left out for the person to play along!

Challenges I ran into

The WAV forms were hard to combine, we first tried to overlay two , generate output and then use that as input for third and fourth, but the noise amplified and was taken as input , and the final result was incomprehensible.

We figured out a way to overlay all 4 WAV in one go and that solved our problem

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works as expected! Now i'll have the backing tracks for every song I love

What's next for Karaoke-Generator

A web app or possibly a mobile app that does the same would lead to convenience for the general user

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