Our solution is inspired by inefficiencies, frustrations, and suffering due to challenges faced by serving displaced people in refugee camp clinics. Our solution offers improved health outcomes and provides a continuous health identity that refugees can more easily take with them as they change locations. Security is another benefit we intend to provide through our solution.

Global Health Challenge

Over 10,000 refugees per camp globally struggle with access to standardized health records ass they cross borders. Access to emergency healthcare is vital in refugee camps where health information is seldom available. Our solution aims to tackle this in multiple ways. Monitoring communicable diseases is a major challenge as well which is amplified by the lack of health records and awareness.

  1. We prioritized offline-first information by encoding critical health information such as allergies, vaccinations, major surgeries, etc in a simple portable QR code. The patient can carry the QR code with them wherever they go, allowing doctors and clinicians to access critical health records in areas without internet connectivity.

  2. Health records from various nations are stored under a single secure cloud backend. This allows patients to transfer health information from one country to another as they seek their future homes. The backend scales as per demand and defers a large amount of computation to the client side, allowing low latency record retrieval in offline first areas.

  3. An append-only ledger helps keep a track of patient history over time and adds an additional layer of compliance.

What we learned

  1. Working under constraint and timelines, prioritizing goals and maintaining scope creep was a real challenge.
  2. Technical Skills across the development stack

How we built it

  1. We used Hasura graphql as a service for powering the backend.
  2. React Apollo on the frontend to generate QR codes.

Built With

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