Im from a small village in Tamil Nadu in India where karagatam is a form of traditional dance where people keep pot shaped karagam on the head and they balance it and they dance . so On the platform I want to share my culture to all the world members.

What it does

its a balance game where the user has to keep the pot balanced on the head by turning the head left and right.the score will be the time the user has kept the karagam on their head.

How I built it

I made a simple physics stimulation based on the object and made it move in opposite direction of the users head. and it follows the users head position .

Challenges I ran into

it was initially difficult to create a balance kind go effect inside the spark ar from scratch .and keeping the essence as true and keep everything realist and with in the size

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm happy that I'm sharing my culture to the world and people can try it out. and I'm happy that all the things in the project was made by me .

What I learned

I made my own pipeline of working and I made the balancing machanism

What's next for karagatam

making different type of the karagam and making it feel and look real

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