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Facebook Bot Link : https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100087958450635

Dashboard : https://kara-web3.vercel.app/

The bot is in development mode Please contact us or mention your Facebook username in the comments to get access to the bot

The existence of a woman has always been questioned with what a woman can do and what a woman cannot. It has been 5-7 million years and we are still tied up in the shackled of patriarchy where women are being questioned about their choices, sexual health, menstrual health and what not. So when Kara was born, we made a promise to ourselves to give you holistic care through a wellness platform that has the best doctors, great products, an impactful community and a personalized experience. All we’re doing now is keeping our end of the promise.

We have been serving women worldwide since a year and now we are looking to make our platform more interactive and open to everyone, we have integrated Near to spread knowledge and empower women with the knowledge to give them a better health.

Our Platform

We offer a wide range of products all surrounded around our core ethos to empower women with better health. we have helped over 7000 women's in improving there health.

  • Kara Bot : Learn daily about subjects that will empower you to take better decisions regarding your health. you also get rewards in the form of Near Fungible Token called Kara which can be redeemed to get coupons and discounts from our partner sites.
  • Diagnostic Tests : This are testkits that women can use to test themselves if they are in doubt regarding something, all delivered to home and collected via our trusted courier partners
  • Kara Products : This are our self-care products which we have tested properly for quality
  • Kara Wellness Package : Select from a wide variety of packages to get care package every onth

For Hackathon

We wanted to build something that will keep our current community engaged with learning, the one problem that all of our users complain about is motivation while learning. So we decided to come up with this unique idea to motivate our users to learn on a daily basis. "The Kara Bot". It is a bot that people can engage with and earn various rewards while playing quizes and other games. We wanted to keep the interaction simple as we didn't want the onboarding process to become hectic for our end users so we decided to launch our bot on facebook first as most of our existing users use facebook on a daily basis. Users will get rewarded in our Fungible token called "Kara" which can be redeemed to get discounts on our as well as our partner sites. A play to earn sort of model is deployed by us in order to maintain the daily influx of users.


By leveraging the power of Near we are able to provide a generic solution to the user as well as vendors who want to educate users on certain product or topic. There are three Entites involved in the Ecosystem which are all incentivized in a unique way.

  • Our Users : They are the heart of our platform , they interact with our bot and platform, read topics, answer quizzes and win "Kara" tokens, which they can redeem for various coupons
  • Our Partners : This can be other websites that are providing products for women health, they provide the coupons for the users, they are incentivized as they get to develop there own skill and they get exposure to our userbase.
  • We : We achieve our goal to increase awareness about women health as well as the overall footfall on our platform increases


  • Smart-Contract : All our quiz and rewards as well has coupon redeem data are maintained as state in the smart contract. It is responsible to handle all our business logic.
  • Kara Tokens : We have used NEP-141 standard to develop our token. This is main currency for the whole ecosystem
  • Facebook-Bot : In order to make the onboarding process easy, we have made a bot on Facebook which can facilitate user onboarding
  • The Graph : Inorder to facilitate smooth redemption we have implemented the graph to listen to the redemption event so whenever a redemption occurs we directly send to coupon to the users via our chatbot


  • Gathering info : We wanted to make our product as user friendly as possible so that our users can directly interact with the web3 world without much hassle, after a lot of feedback , we finalized on the current version

  • SmartContracts : We wanted to keep most of our business logic on the contract side so that it is verifiable

Future Improvements

  • Adding Games : While we currently only have a quiz we are looking to add more games in order to make the experience more enjoyable

    • Muti-Platform Support : While our bot is currently available on facebook messanger we do understand the importance of launching the platform on other chatting apps also.
    • Sponsor Onboarding : We also want to build a dashboard for sponsors so they can easily set the reward and the information they want to share with the users.
    • Using Near as payment : We have had a lot of trouble and had to change our payment gateway a few times inorder to serve international clients, also not to mention the absurd amount of fee they charge. we will be looking at ways we can add Near as a payment method.

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