-Story of a previous hackathon project that Kevin from Twilio told us -Our love for Karaoke

What it does

  • Receives a text message from a user and sends a word from a verse
  • User shouts out the word they are given
  • First person to guess the song wins a point

How we built it

  • We implemented Twilio and set up communication between the program and the phone
  • We made an array from chosen lyrics of recognizable songs and split it into words through our algorithm
  • When a user makes a query through the program, it will send back a message with a word from the song

Challenges we ran into

-Figuring out how to set up the IDE to use twilio with -Trying to figure out how to use twilio and implement it into javascript -How to divide work between group members -Making the game functional -Not understanding how to use Github

Accomplishments that we're proud of

-Our first functional hackathon project

What we learned

-How to use additional libraries and APIs( node.js, express and etc)

What's next for Kara-okay!

-Make it simpler on the user-end

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