Within the last weeks, we have seen healthcare systems around the world facing the same issues. Current simulations for Germany and Switzerland (2020, Manuel Blechschmidt) predicts that if the crisis continues, by the end of April, hospitals will be completely overloaded. No matter where, there is always a shortage of the same essential equipment, places, and personnel. For the control centers that are in charge to distribute the essential resources, it is difficult to find companies willing to help provide equipment and volunteers who offer their help. KapaMonitor helps to make the coordination of those resources and therefore succeeds in providing an added value for both, control centers and companies offering help.

What it does

KapaMonitor provides a central system for control centers, citizens and companies to search for demands and offer necessary resources needed in the recent crisis. Those resources can include doctors and nurses or equipment like protective suits, respiratory masks, disinfectants and gloves and locations like hotels, schools, and warehouses. Other resources can also be requested as required. Only a short registration is necessary for all parties involved. KapaMonitor is not a commercial platform, negotiation about prices and conditions are bilateral between the two parties of a match. The project is open source and designed for a countrywide use, applicable for other countries outside of Germany or Switzerland as well. We can relieve and support hospitals and control centers helping them to save lives.


  • Control centers & providers of resources like companies and citizens


  • Web-App with database

Contact details

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Technical implementation and details

Workflow during the challenge:

  1. Specification of further features
  2. Division of tasks into teams
  3. Conception of the UX/UI design
  4. Development of the application

Check out the project group on GitHub:

UX / UI Design:

  • Mockup with whimsical (Our Mockup)
  • Clickdummy with AdobeExperienceDesign and Adobe Premiere


  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • React.js (React Web App)
  • API-Calls via axios
  • material UI
  • Leaflet
  • Redux


  • ASP.NET Core (C#)
  • Swagger
  • SQL-Database


  • Amazon Web Services (EC2, ECS, ECR)
  • Docker


  • Slack (total hackathon)
  • Discord (internal)
  • Trello (internal)

Challenges during the hackathon:

  • Problems with the deployment of the database on AWS

track our progress:


  • 13:00: Consultation concerning existing need in central planning authorities with Frank Abele, who is an official in charge of civil protection in German district Ostalbkreis
  • 14:00: Adjustment of User Experience; Splitting into two Users: „ressource-requiring “ and „ressource-offering“;
    Input mask for both registration of offers and requirements
    Dashboard for both offers and requirements
    Ressources thus may be medical equipment, staff, localities; focus on further ressource entities such as ventilators, barrier fences, etc. --> extensible;
  • 14:45: Concept for adjustment of data model
  • 20:30: Consultation with Frank Abele concerning renewed User Experience and possible use cases
  • 21:00: Concept for adjustment of frontend

  • 16:00: Simulation of ICU bed occupancy in Switzerland uploaded on Youtube
  • 22:00: Implementation of login module based on Firebase Authentication

  • 12:30: Live pitch by KapaMonitor team member Stefan, hosted by Tanya König via Youtube Livestream
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