I was thinking about apps that have preached about productivity and healthy habits. However, usually, these apps generally just shoehorn the habit reinforcements in and do not really work. I wanted to make a habit changer that would genuinely work.

What it does

It is a regular alarm clock, it wakes you up at the right times. However, you must prove that you are awake to the clock within a certain amount of time or serious consequences will happen. Right now, it only breaks the computer, however, I intended it to send emails and donate money if you don't wake up on time.

How I built it

I coded a clock into my index with JavaScript, the design is HTML and CSS

Challenges I ran into

My entire team quit like more than halfway through the hackathon. I had to can my original project and create a new one from scratch by myself because I didn't know how to implement the past project. I had to teach myself JavaScript, relearn CSS, devise my idea and code it in about eight hours.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating the entire application, learning some JavaScript in such a small amount of time, creating something cool.

What I learned

I learnt how to use JavaScript and gotten more familiar with CSS. I also learnt the importance of proper sleep.

What's next for KanyeRest

Making the consequences of not getting up more severe. Adding more Kanye sounds.

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