We wanted to be able to not only track issues as effectively in a Kanban board, but to also track time against the assigned tasks that I am working on, as well as validate when other members complete their tasks. We also want to be able to run reports on the completed tasks.

What it does

Kanplan is a task based management system integrated with evaluation times, job compensation, and organization models. Kanplan can be used by anyone. A student can manage his or her homework assignments by creating issues and managing priorities. A freelance web development manager can assign tasks to employees and can even compensate workers for all the time spent on a job. Kanplan will manage your tasks and its potential is vast.

How we built it

Kanplan was born on the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node). We also used the popular Ionic framework for cross-platform deployment. For server infrastructure and deployment management, we utilized AWS EC2 to handle all server networking. The backend of Kanplan is a RESTful service.

Challenges we ran into

  • Connecting to database. Our EC2 machine was not exposed on the correct port, to fix this we went into EC2 settings and exposed the correct port.
  • Learning Angular and Ionic from scratch was an intense challenge. We overcame this problem by using online resources, nearby hackers, and amazingly knowledgable sponsors!
  • We spent a lot of time debugging and testing, ensuring each merge did not conflict with any previous merges. We found it important to maintain functionality and availability throughout the development process.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Proper issue tracking in GitHub to keep commits in track. We were able to backtrack if neccessary.
  • Proper express routing inside our RESTful node server all in 36 hours.
  • Learning Angular and Ionic for our front end.
  • Actually getting this project deployed. ## What we learned
  • Angular and Ionic for our front end.
  • Mongoose, the popular Node.JS MongoDB driver.
  • Express routing with Mongoose middleware.

What's next for Kanplan

  • Refactor the front end for Angular 2
  • Add authentication to the back end for more security.
  • Dockerfy our services to shorten deployment time and extend availability.
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