Marketing, sales and support teams share a lot of information on a daily basis. Even with a lot of great CRM tools on the market, the integration of these teams is not seamless. When the marketing team uses a solution outside JIRA, it is hard to share information and keep track of deals and sales if the support team is all using JIRA Service Desk.

Kanoah CRM fills the gap bringing all team together into the same environment. Marketing and sales can create CRM projects to manage their leads and link them to support or even development tickets. These teams will love to use Kanoah CRM since it provides valuable information very fast, with great usability.

What it does

Kanoah CRM organizes and streamlines your sales process right inside JIRA.

  • Create JIRA projects using a custom template specially designed for CRM activities, which includes issue types, custom fields and workflows.
  • Manage Deals, Activities, Organizations and Contacts.
  • Display deals on a handy Sales Pipeline, to visually track the progress of each of them.
  • Provides reports to get useful information to make better decisions.
  • Integrates Deal information inside the view issue screen to support sales.

Kanoah CRM has its own documentation page.

How we built it

Based on the new JIRA's project centric view, we have used some modules available on the Atlassian SDK to inject panels to display each entity managed by the plugin: Deals, Activities, Organizations and Contacts. Also, some other modules have been used to display reports on the JIRA's default report listing and a panel inside the issue view. Everything has been built using AngularJS, providing a faster using interaction to drag-n-drop or changing views.

Challenges we ran into

We've had a hard time adding new reports to JIRA. The documentation of the reports module is outdated and not very useful. Also, it was not straightforward to find out how to render the JIRA's project side bar on report views. It was really challenging to put the blueprint module to work properly, creating workflows, issue types and custom fields for new CRM projects. As the documentation hasn't helped much, all the research took a long time. Drag-and-drop features are always a challenge too :D They have to get to the perfect usability in order to be really useful.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud to have a new product fully integrated to JIRA. We feel that Kanoah CRM will help many teams to manage all CRM data, linked to support and development areas. We could also achieve the usability we wanted for the sales pipeline, which is awesome. We have built the whole add-on in 4 weeks, and not full time. Thanks to the experience we had with other add-ons we have on the marketplace, the project bootstrap was really fast!

What we learned

We learned a lot about digital marketing and customer relationship while designing the product vision. Technically, it was a great opportunity to learn about the new features of the latest Atlassian SDK features and also how to use many of its available modules.

What's next for Kanoah CRM

There is still a lot to do to make Kanoah CRM even better, and we will work hard to make it even more comprehensive and easy to use. Here are some of the next features:

  • Dashboard gadgets
  • Calendar view for activities
  • Notifications for activities based on due date field
  • JQL functions to help building saved filters
  • Faster transition between screens, avoiding page loading when changing between main areas (Deals, Activities, Organizations and Contacts).

The Kanoah CRM roadmap page has a complete list of next features.

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