We wanted to help do away with the mental barriers that prevent travelers from going on their trip of a lifetime.

What it does

We try to accomplish this by creating a constant stream of unique events happening around the world. We aim to communicate the essence of the events in a beautiful, visually rich format. We see the benefit of this as helping to create an immediate connection between the user and the potential destination. All of the events listed are coming in the near future and eventually will be automatically shuffled to reflect a variety of factors such as user interests, popular destinations, hidden gems (under-traveled locations) and destinations with travel deals.

If the user identifies an event that they are interested in visiting (e.g. the Cherry Blossom festival), they can drill down and find an interface we've created that automatically plans an itinerary for them to attend the event.

How we built it

At present, we have built a limited demo that shows a limited selection of events for the user to browse. Selecting an event brings the user to a secondary page which automatically queries the Expedia Flights API to list the cheapest flights to and from the user's location to the event location in the days before and after the event. Travelers can use the slider provided to quickly price the possibility of going to the event.

Challenges we ran into

As relatively new programmers, we were severely lacking in the developer department (our team only had ~1.25 developers in a 3-person team). We were only able to complete a fraction of the features that we had planned for the product due to technical difficulties (e.g. establishing a database to power advanced features).

Accomplishments we're proud of

Given how inexperienced and short-staffed we were, we accomplished a lot. We're proud of the idea that we came up with. I believe that it fills an immediate hole in the market. It connects users with unique events around the world that might have initially appeared daunting to new travelers.

What's next for Bucketlist

We want to complete the project as we initially envisioned it. We hope to use social media to give a less filtered look at past iterations of upcoming events using the twitter, Flickr and Instagram APIs. We would like to flesh out the ordering system to include hotels, rentals, driving directions and tickets/admissions if possible. Finally, we would like to create user profiles to change what types of events are emphasized on personalized 'event streams'. With all of these features in place, we believe we could create a really compelling new tool for potential travelers to discover the world.

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