This project has been developed in October 2019 during the AEC Tech Hackathon organized by TTCore Studio with the following Sponsors that we thank you so much for the great resource they were able to provide. Presentation


Alberto Tono - San Francisco Computational Design Institute - SFCDI Valentine Noves - ENGwork Constantina Tsiara - Workshop / APD Pablo Derendinger - ENGwork Jeffrey Moser - Grimshaw Lexi Fritz - Rachel Hartley - Autodesk Feature

Connected with the other team from HOK and Foster who designed the frontend and webinterface

3D Paradigm Shift Enabler Client Presentation Sketches Educational App Presentation:

We developed the back end part of the Outback project that has been divided into 2 parts:

Kanganru Jelly

Built With

  • google
  • grasshopper
  • p5.js
  • rhino.compute
  • runaway
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