The application was inspired by an early 2000s game. As the theme is Atlanta Entertainment, we thought it would be best to highlight an artist who has made major contributions to the industry - Kandi Burruss, as she is credited with some of the greatest hits in the American music industry, such as No Scrubs by TLC and Bills, Bills, Bills by Destiny's Child.

What it does

The application allows a use to put together several looks based on parts and accessories worn by the artist herself. The user has the ability to reset, randomize and mix their looks. Once they've accomplished this, they can export a snapshot of their look or start the game again.

How we built it

We built the game using JavaFX, CSS, FXML. Using tools such as scenebuilder, we were able to put together items seamlessly, then correct any mistakes in code. Most of the Java code is conditions, that control the images based on the actions of the users. All of the graphics were made within the time period of the event.

Challenges we ran into

A major challenge was finding an efficient way to move data from one scene to another, as information between classes can be tricky. We were positive in our approach, researched several resources and managed to figure out a way to effectively share placements and controls between our controller classes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The graphics were a huge undertaking, as we attempted to create the best quality we could in such a short time. Attempting to create a character in Kandi's image was difficult, but then capturing the look was even more complex. Kelsey was also exposed to CSS and FXML for the first time, so we are proud of her new path.

What we learned

Kelsey learned an entirely new language, and has become proficient in Java. Erica has learned how to properly communicate between classes, and instances and was forced to finally learn how code cleanly so information is not lost.

What's next for Kandi

The next step for Kandi, is to be able to create scenes that can playout within the game, or even see if Kandi could be fleshed out as a companion for the user.

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