The Anderson's rules for the Kanban methodology are not completed by the default Agile plugin. We need a little more in these boards...

What it does

It's an extension tu amplify the usual Agile RapidBoard. This plugin allows combine columns, combine WIPs, a ZOOM of the board, and use FULL color in the cards

How we built it

With Javascript and Tampermonkey

Challenges we ran into

Different browsers compatibility it's a real problem, different languages the same, etc.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The main functionalities now works very fine :)

What we learned

A better way to see the usual boards

What's next for Kanban Combined WIP for JIRA Cloud

A suite of diverse utilities to amplify the usual JIRA Agile functionalities plus a set of tools to help the work of the JIRA Admins that we have published FREE in the Atlassian Marketplace

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posted an update

This is not just a productivity tool, it makes productivity fun and easy going. The look and feel of kanban boards is very important in directing the team's attention to the right task to accelerate the pace of delivery. Product Owners can benefit form the features of this plugin to better explain and communicate progress to their Business partners.

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