This project was part of my Dell Technologies internship during Summer 2021. The project was deployed to dell, and I was given permission to un-brand the user interface and host it online in order to show other people.

What it does

It's a Kanban Board which assists the user in managing their work. The user can create teams, boards, cards, sort/filter the board, configure custom applications/categories/priorities, and even share boards with other users or teams and choose their permissions.

How I built it

This application is built using Spring MVC. The UI relies mainly on Bootstrap 4 for styling and the back-end operations are handled in Java. Client-side operations are written in JavaScript. The MySQL database is connected by JDBC.

Challenges I ran into

Obtaining the connection to the database and setting up CRUD capabilities took time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The board fulfilled all of the initial requirements and more. The customizability of the applications, categories, and priorities makes the board usable by anyone.

What I learned

This was my first ever Spring application. It was also my first time using MySQL, which I grew to be very fond of. I did things with Java that I didn't know were possible, and matured in my Bootstrap design capabilities.

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