Where was I?

A Google Chrome Extension

Team Members: Michael Lee, Adrienne Li, Kaichun Luo, Peter Jia

Written for the beginner's track at HackRice9

Where was I? Our Google Chrome extension is meant to save a reader's place on the page, so that when life calls you away from your reading, you'll never lose your place again!

To Add a Bookmark (Add Scrollmarker tab)

The user clicks on the owl icon on a page they want to add a bookmark on, scrolls down to where they left off, and presses "Place Bookmark" to drop their place. The user can also add keywords and notes if they have any thoughts about the page they might want to remember in the future. The extension will automatically save the title and url of the page. When they are done adding any additional information, the user can finalize the bookmark by pressing the "Add Bookmark" button. This will add the bookmark to the list in the View Scrollmarker tab.

To View or Delete a Bookmark (View Scrollmarker tab)

The user can toggle to the View Scrollmarker tab to see their list of bookmarks. From there, they can choose to delete a bookmark or go to a page they saved. Pressing "Go" will take the user to the correct webpage, and they can press "Scroll" to return to the place they left off at. Bookmarks that are on the same page are grouped together in the View Scrollmarker tab.

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Happy Reading!

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