This project is property of mixMotion. Due to the confidential nature of this project, I will not go into the details of this project publicly.

The last group of photos were taken of the first version of Kamiko and were taken by Five by Five Photography

What does it do?

Kamiko is an X-shaped kinetic sculpture. It moves up and down to replicate human breathing. Once a person walks under the Kamiko, it swoops down and opens up. The Kamiko also has a crystal that hangs from the center which changes colour. Please visit here for a detailed explanation as to how and why Kamiko came to be.

How did I contribute?

The current Kamiko sculptures are controlled through a DMX communications protocol. This means that they can be programmed to perform any show desired. An example show can be seen here. I was responsible for interfacing the sensor inputs with the output DMX signal, as well as modifying the current design to create the hardware prototype for a new and fully interactive version of Kamiko.

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