We all recently started making money. We needed to invest, especially since weed and tech stocks are so hot right now. Without any prior experience in Finance and stocks, a clear starting point is not evident to a beginner. We looked around for a tool that will quickly help us in picking the possible next hot stock. Questrade, BMO Portfolio all have decent dashboards but they don't offer fast turnovers. We wanted to change it and make an app that would make buying stocks as easy as finding someone on Tinder.

What it does

Provides you insight into the next hot stocks. Serves as a completely customizable dashboard, that only shows information you find relevant.

Hard for a beginner to start investing in stocks. Don’t know where to start. We ask for base line information. Then we augment the user’s knowledge with community based stock suggestions to begin.

Gradually a “Tinder styled right swipe” will be asked of the user to like the stock Swipe left to dislike the stocks

Completely customizable quick view dashboard to check out a stock’s information, which will be trained to showcase metrics that closesly follow the trends.

Swipe up to buy the stock.

Based on the likes on the stock, the app learns and generates suggestions for next stocks that the user might be interested in.

How we built it

We used NODE.JS as backend and bootstrap to make the app responsive. The IEX Trading API provides the data inssights. The next stock recommendations are predicted through Scikit Learn python code deployed on Data Science Experience.

Challenges we ran into

Time constraints.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Beautiful UI. Working machine learning model.

What we learned

How to FINALLY properly use GIT. How to build a recommendation engine based on community inputs.


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