Do you have any food allergies? Have you ever wished there was a quick and easy way to find out if you could safely consume something? If not, have you ever wondered what exactly is in your meal? These questions are ones that our team has pondered. We realized that we could help people with food allergies as well as those who want to watch what they eat.

What it does

KaloriMate is a revolutionary personal nutrition assistant. It is a chatbot app that checks for allergens that food contains. It also provides users with the food's nutritional facts.

How we built it

We built our chatbot KaloriMate on Cisco's Webex platform using Botkit and combined it with Clarifai's Image Recognition API. By utilizing Clarifai's 'Food' model and database, we are able to recognize images of food items down to the ingredient level. Integrating it with Wolfram Alpha's API, we can also get the nutrition facts from the detected food image.

Challenges we ran into

With the 24-hour time constraint, it was challenging to integrate the Clarifai API and Wolphram Alpha API into the Cisco Webex platform. Our team struggled through reading the documentation while figuring out the API implementation piece by piece through trial and error.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

IT WORKS! Our team finally get our Chatbot working through Cisco Webex with Clarifai Image Recognition and Wolfram Prediction tools all working together! Thanks to some team members who worked through the whole night!

What we learned

We learned a lot in the span of 24 hours including how to work with integrating multiple APIs into one project and what goes into building a chatbot.

What's next for KaloriMate Bot

  • Integrating more libraries and training the database to achieve more accurate results
  • Track if the user is meeting daily caloric intake and nutritional guidelines
  • Personalize the chatbot according to user's preferences and health goals

How to try out KaloriMate

  1. Sign up for a Cisco Webex Team account and log in
  2. Click the plus icon and search for
  3. Click "Go Chat"
  4. Upload a picture of a food item you would like to get nutrition facts for. Pictures can also be taken on mobile after downloading the Cisco Webex Team App.

Commands: check : type a food item you would like to get the nutrition facts for

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