We think that the normal dating app experience is flat and boring. Normal dating apps serve purely as the middle layer by connecting users together, and that is the end of the story. By introducing the Web3 element into dating apps, the whole dating experience could be gamified, and dating would be fun again. Such gamification experience could pave the road to more use-cases which would help simplify and make the end-to-end dating experience as seamless as possible.

What it does

Digital Identity and NFT Selfie Verification

Firstly, users login onto KalonDAO and gets issued a digital identity on the blockchain. Users would then be prompted to take a selfie, and this selfie image would be turned into an NFT which allows users to be verified on KalonDAO.

Discover Page to Explore Potential Matches

Users would then be able to explore and meet other users on the discover page via swipe functionalities.

In-App KalonCoin Reward System

The whole process doesn't just end there! In the app, users would be prompted to complete weekly tasks (e.g. x_number of swipes in a week, _y number of meetups in a month), and these tasks would reward users with z number of KalonCoins. These KalonCoins could be used in the marketplace functionality to redeem rewards from established partners (e.g. leisure, FnB companies). Users could also purchase KalonCoins in-app with their fiat currency, which would entitle them to more swipes per day etc.

In-App Rating System

Tasks would also be configure to tailor to end-to-end dating experience. For example, upon successfully completing a meet-up faciliated via KalonDAO, users would be prompted to give each other a rating of how the date went. Good ratings would be transalted into KalonCoins, and ratings would also affect the quality of the matches that users get as well. This helps solves the scamming & cat-fishing problems that most users face on traditional dating apps.

How we built it

Solutioning was done on Miro. Wireframing was done on Figma . Front-end was done on React, NextJS, html and tailwind css. Smart contract in Solidity leveraging OpenZeppelin, tested on Truffle framework, deployed on Polygon Edge via Kaleido linked to IPFS, and APIs exposed and tested on Postman.

Challenges we ran into

Time was certainly a huge factor, as we spent too long solutioning and designing the wireframe. We had to do the dev work in a limited amount of time, as most team members had work and school commitments.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that the team has come together to develop something, despite everyone being from different backgrounds. We are also proud of learning about different ways smart contracts can be written, and how it can be tailored for different app purposes.

What we learned

We learned how to work together as a team despite coming from different backgrounds. We also learnt that time management in hackathons are especially critical!

What's next for KalonDAO

Partner Integration

The opportunities and roadmap for KalonDAO are very exciting! If allowed to move further, we plan to integrate partners from the FnB and Leisure industries onto the blockchain, which would open up more rewards to the users and enhance the gamified experience.

ICO and Bridge to Public Exchanges

We are also thinking of doing a public ICO on KalonCoin and bridge it to public blockchain such that users can freely trade in on public cryptoexchanges, utilizing a multi-token concept.

Exclusive NFT access to premium dating club

Plans to sell exclusive NFTs that would allow users to get access to this "exclusive inner-dating circle" would also be explored.


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