Facebook can centrelize all the features that other competitive platforme offer in social media, this is not the case in healthcare web app, this is why I decide to build Kaliptus

suggest workout exercieces

medication reminder water drink reminder remind the limite of cafein calculate heart beats compatible with smart kit like smart watchs and balances calorie calculater take appointement with doctores and paye them online buy medicament

  • a social network named Olampiyas for people interesting in sport and challenges : wich will be firstly available for all health app like S health ...

Normally, it should be build by using Java, but at the moment I just created a interactive prototype with Adobe Suite

Challenge of CapgeMini

Advancing in using different product of Adobe

my first Hackathon

team work

crise management endurance

What's next for Kaliptus: after Olampiyas begin to be a essentiel service for sport community, the next step is to make it available only in kolaptus, so people interesting in this domaine emerge to kaliptus

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