Our team is interested in history and facts and so we did not find a nice skill in skill store which contains important, interesting or even funny historical facts about the current day.

What it does

It shows a random fact out of a list of facts available to the current day out of the categories politics, economy, science, culture, birth & death and sports

How I built it

We built the skill using alexa skill kit for java, adding a own package for apl elements. A small mysql database holds all facts shown within the skill.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges were designing the apl templates as it was sometimes hard using the authoring tool.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Nice look of the skill and some good feedback of my colleagues and friends using the skill

What I learned

I learned how to include apl elements in my java skill project

What's next for Kalenderblatt

Next steps will be to add intents to let the user query facts for a specific day.

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