Created for DivHacks 2020! This is a web app created with Flask and Python that uses the Google Calendar API.

  • Track: Creating Inclusive Education
  • Question: How can we assist parents in homeschooling their children?

Using the Website

Visit the app at https://kalendar-divhacks.herokuapp.com/ !

Running the App Locally

  • python app.py
  • note: option to remove debug=True from app.py


  • schedule/time management tool for parents with young children in remote learning
  • making it easier to integrate your kid's schedules into yours
  • ability to add events to existing Google Calendar

Future Implementation

  • Recommend where to fit child’s activity into their schedule given the time it takes approximately to finish
  • Keep list of child's usual daily activities
  • Present overview of the day’s activities each day
  • Provide parent with choice of preferred times to insert child's activities
  • Batch event adding
  • Point system for child completing activities
  • Parent can set reward for however many points completed that day (e.g. 100)


@k-chew @ajc4241 @daisyye0730 @hnarkhede


This project was bootstrapped with Flask.

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