Inspiration One of the greatest problems parents and teachers alike face is figuring out how to educate their kids and allow them to excel amongst their peers. With every moment being just a step behind or ahead, time is precious, we wanted a way to allow kids to get the jump start they need to stand out and lead in the midst of others.

What it does Using our backgrounds as computer science teachers, we gained a feeling for what works and what doesn't in terms of teaching and entertaining young kids. We combined fun and learning in a way to draw the interest while improving the skills of young ones through our teaching platform with modules such as math, colors, and sounds.

How I built it We built the platform in ReactJS and hosted with Azure Services while integrating Google Firebase for OAuth2.0 User Authentication and combined text-to-speech with a custom design to create a friendly user experience.

Challenges I ran into Several of the sdk's seem to be still under development and did not have all of the features that we required, so we had to manipulate many experimental API's to get the functionality we seeked.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of It works in real time and voices all text and has proper routing.

What I learned How to use Web Speech API's and routing in React Router 4 with Drag and Drop.

What's next for Kaleidoscope We want to finish development and deploy the application so that end users can begin to use it for helping there kids get a head start or just to give repetition to better their cognitive learning. Some features were looking to implement are translations in several major languages. It would be great to give kids the opportunity to experience different languages and cultures,

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