Kaleido is a project to democratize ad space trading by using smart contracts for P2P trading.

[]Presentation Link](https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1yVwqboO4uzvncUiCii_eNsM5k3lxLHtklsynyP7mZY0/edit?usp=drivesdk)

In the existing ad networks, there are various stakeholders between media and advertisers. This system, in which advertising agencies are responsible for the trust of transactions, was viable in Web 2.0, but it is not an ideal advertising distribution system in Web 3.0. It should be possible to trade ad space in a way that trust is placed in smart contracts. Kaleido will connect media and advertisers via P2P to realize transparent transactions through smart contracts.

By using smart contracts to trade ad space, the following can be achieved

  1. anyone can buy ad space
  2. the black box of ad space trading will become transparent
  3. optimization of revenue opportunities through dynamic pricing
  4. ad space will be managed as NFT, so secondary distribution will be possible
  5. advertising operations will become possible in small media such as personal SNS and mail magazines
  6. cash flow will be improved by Crypto settlement

First of all, we are starting a demonstration experiment of static reservation type advertising with Japan's No.1 Crypto media "CoinPost".

Hashmasks and other NFTs have been advertised in outdoor digital ads in NY Times Square, but not with proof of NFT ownership. Kaleido allows you to advertise with proof of NFT ownership. Reference image

The experience of being able to place your NFTs in an ad space can create a different kind of experience than traditional advertising.

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