Product Inspiration

Our product, Kale, was inspired by the need for a quick and hassle-free way for students at UCLA to choose their meals while also considering their personal health and sustainability preferences. We wanted to build a mobile app that utilized AI-powered algorithms to recommend food and dining options on the UCLA campus.

What the product does

Kale is a mobile app that recommends daily food options on the UCLA campus according to the student’s personal health and sustainability preferences. The app builds a smart UCLA-curated diet model that makes meal choosing speedy and hassle-free using an AI-powered algorithm. Users can select their food preferences and get personalized recommendations.

How we built it

We built the Kale app using a variety of technologies, including PHP and mySQL for the back-end, Flutter for the front-end, Figma for design, and Photoshop for icons and image editing. Challenges we ran into One of the biggest challenges we faced was working as a team in the hackathon to present a single product. We also ran into some technical challenges, such as integrating the front-end and back-end models with a fluent design.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Despite the challenges we faced, we are proud of the fluency and smoothness of the Kale app. We were able to build a product that came close to our original vision, and we are happy with the overall user experience. We also learned a lot about working in a team and the development process.

What we learned

Through the development of Kale, we learned a lot about working as a team of developers. We learned how to collaborate effectively, how to communicate our ideas and progress, and how to work through technical challenges. We also learned more about the development process, including the importance of design and user experience.

What's next for Kale

Moving forward, Kale will be a continuously developing product. We plan to focus on increasing the accuracy of our AI algorithms, increasing student interaction with the app, and including more food options. We also plan to continue learning and growing as developers, so that we can make Kale the best possible product for UCLA students.

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