Our team is consistent of people who love open-source software: the ability to use something and open the hood and see how it works is magical. It is in fact, so magical, as to motivate one team member to be an active contributor, even being involved in documentation for the latest version of Ubuntu Gnome. The motive here was to build something that did the same thing that the things we enjoyed did, by the same set of rules, but target it towards a group of people whose interest in programming can only grow: beginners. KaldersvellOS and KaldersvellEDU are dedicated to providing a great programming experience for new developers, and bringing them into the fold of the open source community.

What it does

The user uses our online IDE hosted from our OS. This code is then deployed to the Raspberry Pi, which saves the code into a Python file and simply runs it for the developer, taking out the hurdles that new programmers need to jump through to see their creations work, and making programming more rewarding by making the gratification for their work more instant.

How we built it

Our platform is web-based, and our text editor uses the Ace engine, which is used by the popular online editor Cloud9. However, several elements of Material Design and Twitter Bootstrap are combined with this text editor to make the use of the Operating System a truly pleasurable experience through our breathtaking UI. The RasPi communicates with our UI through PHP and the LAMP stack; the code is taken, saved, and interpreted into a Python file, and executed by the RasPi.

Challenges we ran into

Originally using the MEAN stack to develop the whole platform, the team ran into serious trouble when Node.js and Express proved way more difficult to implement than originally perceived; we wasted countless hours trying to crack it in JavaScript, we eventually realized that it may be better to use PHP and the LAMP stack; which brought forward a new set of problems for us, including Raspbian not allowing PHP to install (yes, this was a real problem. Murphy's Law, yo.)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our UI is beautiful. I am incredibly proud of the joy I feel when I see the aesthetic of our UI, and the time that it took sorting out bugs in it to make it flawless and nice. Additionally, our team's grind is immeasurable; we were working strong from 7 PM to 12:00PM, foregoing sleep and bathroom breaks and hackathon events to make sure our software worked. And when it did, it was totally worth it.

What we learned

Hard work pays off. Also debugging sucks when you haven't slept in 13 hours.

What's next for KaldersvellEDU

Support for more languages than Python, and educational features outside of computer science, in studies such as financial literacy. The objective here is to make life easier for beginners with technology; it doesn't matter what these beginners want to learn.

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