Quarantine revealed, more than ever, the importance of mental health, at least as much as physical one. During hard times, our brain tends to get trapped in an anxiety vicious circle, and life distracts us from what really matters: Health. KALA, implemented with React.js, was made to break that cycle through a wide range of wise words customized for you using Quotes API with tags, based on your interactions with Baymax, and much more to come.

KALA was initially designed to be a mobile app, using React Native which has the advantage to be a cross-platform. Due to time-constraint and technical issues with the latter, we decided to switch to a web app. This is our first web app, getting comfortable using React and APIs within a short time lapse was the most challenging part. But we are proud of our team-work, organization and creativity on that project. :)

We learned how to implement APIs, use React for web development and even dived a bit into React Native mobile apps dev too! But most importantly, we learned how to not succumb to stress and build KALA in less than 10 hours. KALA thought us to be optimistic under any circumstance, and that is exactly what we aimed for. :)

Our next goals, are to enhance the relaxing environment of KALA by including sounds, a chart to keep track of your progress using a database, self-care recommendations based on your preferences, and much more!

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