Providing a useful resource for the state of Hawaii while challenging ourselves to work with large amounts of raw data inspired our team to contribute to this project.

What it does

Our application allows the user to represent a selected dataset in the form of a chart. The user can choose between 9 different chart options as well as edit the name of the chart, rename the x and y axis values on the chart and download the result as a PNG.

How we built it

We utilized React, Next.js, Chart.js and Tailwind to build our application.

Challenges we ran into

Using frameworks and technologies that were new to us was an anticipated challenge that allowed us to test our skills and collaborate-- leveraging expertise from our individual experiences to help one another learn.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of our ability to learn quickly and get a working program up and running within the short time frame of this competition.

What we learned

Most of our learning experiences involved becoming familiar with Next.js and getting accustomed with how Next.js handles routing. Another great learning experience involved fetching for large amounts of data and working with the ensuing async issues.

What's next for Kakaako Visuals

We have various plans for future improvements, one at the forefront would be making it mobile friendly. We would also like to have GeoJSON files populate on a map, get a search function implemented and add persistent URLs that represent the chart selections made by the user.

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