"Making something boring, fun!" We felt everyone often needs some inspiration when it comes to doing chores. With Kajiotchi we wanted to give people an additional extrinsic motivation for having to do boring chores. Improving upon a to-do list through gamification, we could provide these extrinsic motivations through the satisfaction of keeping a virtual pet happy, but also through social means such as being able to share the progress of your pet with others.

What it does

Kajiotchi works on a set recurring of tasks which are entered by a user (i.e Clean the oven every month). If a user keeps on top of these tasks, your virtual buddy's home will stay tidy and they will be happy! If a user lets tasks overrun or build up, mess will start to build up in your virtual pet's home and they will become sad, waiting on you to help them. Leave them too long and they may die :(

Kajiotchi will keep track of how long your pet has been alive, so the goal is to keep them alive as long as possible!

How we built it

We built Kajiotchi by first making paper prototypes on Balsamique, and designing the structure of the API. From here we split into teams working on the React frontend and Node.js backend in parallel. We then brought these halves together on the final day and corrected any minor bugs. All pixel art / animation was made using

Challenges we ran into

Our team had a mix of experience levels and preferences in various programming languages. None of us had much experience in setting up a backend server or a DB. At first for the backend we tried using a C# approach with ASP.NET, but we this became overcomplicated after the second day. We transitioned the work we had done onto Node.JS on the final day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Having a working prototype to show by the end of the Hackathon!
  • Working well as a team which had only met during the event.
  • Trying out new languages and tools.

What we learnt

  • The initial set-up / ideas phase takes a while to get off of the ground, so keep the scope small and add extensions if you have time.
  • How to make pixel art animation.

What's next for Kajiotchi (Virtual Chore Pet)

Next things we'd want to add would be:

  • A system for users to set their scheduled tasks and pet name / colour. (Functionality is mostly there, just ran out of time)
  • A more detailed progression system for the pet. i.e different forms as it gets older / levelling up.
  • A way to connect between peers to share pet's progress. i.e invite a friends pet over.
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