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Kaizen is a Japanese word that means 'Goodness' and 'Change'. While you can use KaizenSurveys for a huge range of possibilites, it is primarily intended to help foster positive growth by delivering surveys repeatedly over time to track progress and increase self-awareness.

KaizenSurveys.com features an ever growing list of surveys you can use with Kaizen Surveys. Surveys include the ability to track your fitness routines, weight, moods over time, and much more.

Although intended for surveys that you will respond to repeatedly over time for the purposes of personal growth, they can also be used as one-time surveys, or used in a huge variety of ways. Examples of these other uses include Personality Tests or Tracking Houses or Apartments you may be considering to buy or rent.

If you don't find a survey on kaizensurveys.com that meets your needs, you can create your own directly from within the app. Question types include GPS location and photos.

You can view survey results using a variety of charts and graphs including maps (for those surveys that use GPS location).

Setup notifications to remind you to fill out a survey at regular intervals.

Finally, export your survey results to Evernote and/or Google Drive (Google Spreadsheets). Kaizen Surveys is a great way to create to create 'structured notes' (Notes that contain a uniform set of information) on Evernote!



(Note that currently Kaizen Surveys is not available in any App Store. Will support iPhone/iPad and Android. Desktop Version (Mac/Windows) will also be made available).

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