With over 1 million downloads, Microsoft Kaizala is now a part of the Garage Wall of Fame and has launched as a full product. It is seen as an alternative to Whatsapp for Business with much more focus on the enterprise domain and Business processes.

Microsoft Kaizala is a phone-number based, simple, and secure mobile chat app that enables you to connect and coordinate work across your network – your organization, vendors, partners, suppliers, and customers. Kaizala makes it easy to connect and coordinate work with your entire value chain, including field employees, vendors, partners, and customers wherever they are.

What it does

This project is to build a custom activity to enable enterprises to connect their kaizala platform with uipath for process automations. Solution focuses on bringing the unorganized business operations into a digitial platforms.

Custom Activities

1.Send Message to the Group 1.Send Announcements 1.Post Job 1.Post Poll

How we built it

Kaizala custom activity package is built using the C# with CodeActivity and NativeActivity classes.

Challenges we ran into

  • Documentation for Kaizala API has little info on the Request and Response details. This was a major challenge in making the activities to work with the API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • As an app getting much popular in the unorganized sector where the technology is less penetrated. This App transforms primarily the field operations in Sales, Marketing, Governance, NGO, Schools etc.

What we learned

What's next for Kaizala Connector

New features planned in the roadmap

Built With

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