Kairos - Winner at Money 20/20 2016

Parking Validation Made Invisible

Kairos is a Parking Validation Web Application built on Ingenico's Tetra. Using existing technology it allows Merchants to provide Customers with the same payment experience for Parking Validation as Uber does for rides etc. True seamlessness. True frictionless. The future of payments.

Won the Ingenico Sponsor Prize and $5K Prize at Money 20/20 2016.

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Why create Kairos?

Ride in an Uber and you'll see what payment should be, invisible. Money changes hands, yet you never even think about the payment. Every transaction should be like this. For example parking validation. Have you ever forgotten to validate your parking ticket? Or worse yet, lost it and had to pay absurd fees? That stops today. Using Ingenico, Kairos solves this headache.

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A User makes a payment at the Venue (restaurant, movies, concert, etc). Using existing technology, they can use the same payment method and simply tap and go to exit the Parking Garage. No more tickets or having to go to some machine.

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Link to Back End Server Repo: https://github.com/sinwav/kairos-go

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