The inspiration came from using image based browser extensions and noticing that I would pause to look at the image before typing in a new address. That moment to take in the image and engage was remarkable to me as a content strategist. It showed that there was an entire area of a computer that we had not fully explored to engage with a user.

How it works

Kairos is meant to give you a beautiful visual experience, asking you questions to learn what you do and don't like to see each time you open your browser tab. If you wish to, you can engage with brands and earn points by answering simple yes/no questions on your opinions all tied to a gorgeous image. We want to create the feeling of flipping through a fashion magazine each time you open a new browser tab - seeing beautiful content, gorgeous photos and rather than have this be passive consumption give you and the brand an opportunity to engage with each other.

Challenges I ran into

Our goal is to be unobtrusive so we want find a way to make the font the right size, the questions brief. Its about the right user experience and finding balance with that is important.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I just really enjoyed working on with Emerson and Lauren. It's one of the first products I've ever built that's meant to be consumer facing, and it's been great to be with them.

What I learned

We need to engage with a user in a way that's unobtrusive and gives them a content experience rather than a feeling of a targeted/ad based experience. Doing that requires a team of both non-technical writers/marketers and great developers. And even in a simple project like this there's so many small details to think about.

What's next for Kairos

We'll publish in the Chrome store and talk to some brand partners to see if they might want to sponsor us!

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