Welcome to Project Kahu an easy way to mint your tokens on the Aurora Blockchain

What it does

Project Kahu has been designed and built to provide the NEAR/AURORA community with an easy way to mint ERC20 EVM compliant contracts on the AURORA blockchain network. It has been built to allow non-technical users more options on how their contracts work with features such as the ability to renounce ownership of the contract, the ability to enable burn functionality on the contract and more.

The idea is that as DAOs and other new forms of human organisation take form, the need to create token based economies easily is growing exponentially. Kahu looks to make it easy for DAOs and other organisations to focus on their mission and not on the intricacies of how to operate a token contract.

How we built it

KAHU has been built on the Aurora EVM which integrates into the NEAR blockchain. It is written in solidity and deployed on the fleek IPFS platform.

Challenges we ran into

The development experience was pretty good, since the Aurora EVM works well.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The creation of KAHU is our biggest accomplishment. It has inspired a lot of new ideas about what could be on the Aurora EVM

What we learned

Our primary learning has been that of the need for smarter ERC20 contracts that remove the headaches associated with token contract management.

What's next for Kahu

Our next goal will be to prepare for a mainnet launch and possibly a port to native NEAR

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